In 366 Büchern durch das Jahr 2016 – Tag 332

Und weiter geht es mit den 366 Büchern durch das Jahr

Ein Cover, das eine Person von hinten zeigt


Klappentext von der Verlagsseite:

The second book in the War at Home series by the author of The Morland Dynasty novels. Set against the evocative backdrop of World War I, this is an epic family drama featuring the Hunters and their servants

The year is 1915, and the war is raging on . . .

The war was not ‚over by Christmas‘ after all and as 1915 begins, the Hunters begin to settle into wartime life.

Diana, the eldest Hunter daughter, sees her fiance off to the Front but doesn’t expect such coldness from her future mother-in-law. David’s battalion is almost ready to be sent to the Front, but how will Beattie’s fragile peace of mind endure? Below stairs, Ethel, the under housemaid, is tired of having her beaux go off to war so she deliberately sets her sights on a man who works on the railway, believing he won’t be allowed to volunteer. Eric turns out to be decent, honest and he genuinely cares about Ethel – is this the man who could give her a new life?

The Hunters, their servants and their neighbours soon realise that war is not just for the soldiers, but it’s for everyone to win, and every new atrocity that is reported bolsters British determination: this is a war that must be won at all costs.

Auf „Keep the fires burning“ von Cynthia Harrod-Eagles ist eine Frau von hinten zu sehen.

Bibliografische Angaben:
Autor: Harrod-Eagles, Cynthia Übersetzer: Titel: Keep the home fires burning Originaltitel: Reihe: War at home #2 Seiten: 416 ISBN: 9780751556315 Preis: 9,99 € (Taschenbuch) Erschienen: 03.12.2105 bei Sphere





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